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How to Run Live Football TV Streaming App on PC

If you have arrived at this article, then you’re more likely trying to find out ways to watch your football matches on your PC. Well, not to worry, my friend, because with live football TV streaming PC, now you can! Because of the new update, android phones can now support apps to run on Pcs that are using Windows software. That means you don’t have to watch your football matches from your tiny smartphone screen anymore because you can watch them on your big computer screen! 

The Basic Requirements to Run Android Apps on a PC


Before you can watch football on a PC screen, there’s a checklist of things that you need to complete first:

  • A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Windows 10 Update
  • Android 9.0 or Greater Version on Your Phone
  • Utilizing the Same Wi-Fi Network

For the time being, the update supports Samsung Galaxy phones and requires Windows 10 on your PC to make it work. You can check for updates on your PC to make sure that your PC’s Windows software is updated, or you could download it for free from the internet. Your Samsung Galaxy phone also has to be using Android version 9.0 or greater, and it’s connected using the same Wi-Fi network as your PC is using; otherwise, it wouldn’t work.

How to Run Android Apps on a PC

After you finished all of the pre-requisite requirements, make sure that you link up your Samsung Galaxy phone with your PC and check if they are already connected. You will be notified through a pop-up window on your PC that shows your phone name and all the stored applications inside your Samsung Galaxy phone like Instagram, Whatsapp, Bluestacks, etc. You would notice that on your desktop:

  • The apps are listed from the left to the right
  • There are app shortcuts that you can utilize to get to your apps faster
  • Clicking on the apps from the list will redirect you to a separate pop-up window 
  • Not every app is supported, so not every app is compatible on your PC
  • You can click, hold, and drag apps to rearrange the app list on your phone window

Once you are there, double click on the online football streaming app that you like to run it on your PC. You need to log in using your Google account and log in to your user ID on the online football streaming app to enjoy your football matches. You can check out more ways to enjoy streaming football matches online on the internet, and we hope that this has truly been helpful!

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Essential Tech Tools to Have at Your Home Office

At the moment, we are still facing the Coronavirus pandemic in most parts of the world. As a result of the virus, many of us have been forced to work from home.
Going to work may not be the best option for a majority. This is when many have found it necessary to have a dedicated home office for them to be productive. If you are thinking of starting a home office, here are some of the essential tech tools to have.


Printers tend to be a significant-tech tool in an office. As technology has developed, so as the tech used on printers. Though many of us are going paperless, with the ability to store information on hard drives and other storing devices, you never know when you need a printer. There are various types you can choose to have; they include toner and led printers. They tend to vary in cost, and you can find one that meets your budget.


black webcamThough you might be working from home, having meetings is still necessary once in a while. Thanks to technology, many are having a digital meeting through various platforms that allow video conferencing. Putting that in mind, it is essential to own a webcam. Those that might be using laptops may not require one as they tend to come with an inbuilt camera. For those with desktop computers, they should buy a good webcam.


woman with headsetAs stated before, people are having meetings through various online platforms like Skype. Though you may have a webcam that allows others to see you, you need to think about audio. To be heard by others and communicate well, you need to invest in a good headset or speakerphone.
Most phones tend to come with quality headsets that can be utilized when having meetings. There are various brands of headsets that you can purchase online and have them delivered to your home.

Laptop or PC

It is crucial to have a personal computer or laptop in your home office. At this time an age, most office operations cannot be conducted without a laptop or PC. It Is crucial to invest in a laptop or computer with the latest technology. Though you may have a budget, spending money on a good laptop or PC will help improve your home productivity.


As most people are working at home, it is crucial to invest in a home office with the tech tools mentioned above.…

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Exciting Ways to Utilize a VPN Connection

Virtual private networks, or commonly known as VPNs, have been in use for the longest period to guarantee safe online browsing and internet privacy for users. A VPN ensures a degree of secrecy for internet and PC users that is not available anywhere else. The most common use of virtual private network services in industries is providing businesses access to a private network minus the fear of getting compromised. Here is a list of things you can do with the help of a VPN service.

Stream Without Your ISP Disrupting

office laprop
Sites like Netflix and YouTube currently use so much internet bandwidth. In 2015 reports stated that Netflix was utilizing up to 37% of internet traffic, and the number keeps rising. The platforms use so much bandwidth that numerous ISPs throttle the connection speed to limit the usage. This action drastically reduces your internet speed. Netflix offers an ISP Speed Index for users to check their performance around the globe. This helps if you want to stream movies and music videos without bothersome outages. The French are known to have slow connection speeds when using YouTube, which they have curbed with the use of VPNs.

Play Games Minus Your ISP Slowing You Down

Similar to how the mentioned streaming sites affect your connection, online video gaming consumes a lot of internet bandwidth as well. Using a VPN service helps the gamer experience flawless gaming. Also, many gamers use virtual private networks to downloading games and software for “free.”

Accessing Services in Other Nations

Music and movie streaming services are not available in all countries. In case an international decides to release a project on a platform such as Spotify alone, it is less likely that all of his/her fans will access the art. However, some devoted fans have gone the extra mile and found a way of accessing the music regardless of wherever they are. All the mentioned actions are possible because of VPN services.

Unlock Geo-Restricted Content

If you love reading online content, you are likely to have encountered restricted sites that do not allow users with certain IP addresses to access the information. However, with a virtual private network, you can easily access the site and get the information you seek. For instance, if an online platform is offering free sports streaming services to specific nations, you can configure your VPN to help access sports events. This is because VPNs can make you appear to be accessing the internet from the selected regions.…


Here Is What You Need to Know About Iphone Screen Repair

The screen of your iPhone can break at any time even with the slightest fall or collision with a hard surface. When the screen breaks, the first thought that crosses your mind is how and where to have the screen replaced. Usually, replacing the screen of your iPhone is not something you can do without the necessary tools and skills. As such, for those who think that it is a simple DIY task, it is not.



The cost of repairing or replacing your iPhone’s screen is dependent on several factors, including the type of phone. For instance, if you decide to take your phone to Apple for the screen replacement, you are likely to pay more than you would if you took it to a third party technician. The average of screen replacement and repair for an iPhone such as 6S is about $129 at Apple and $45-$80 at third party technician shops. However, for people overseas continents like Asia and Africa, this cost is likely to be higher due to shipping costs.


The Qualification of the Technician Repairing Your Iphone

Just like other electronics, it is worth noting that the reliability and suitability of the screen repair or replacement are dependent on the skills of the technicians. Qualified and experienced technicians offer high-end services that are durable and reliable for long. On the other hand, inexperienced technicians are likely to cause more damage to the iPhone. It is advisable to undertake background research on the technician of choice before having them repair your iPhone. This saves you the trouble of incurring extra repair costs or even having to dispose of the phone due to excessive damages.


Use Insurance to Have the Phone Repaired

IPhone’s are undoubtedly expensive phones, and hence, it is only logical to ensure your iPhone against theft, screen damage, or any other potential risk. The best thing about insurance is that it ensures that the phone gets the best repair service using top quality parts. Additionally, insurance companies only use the services of pro and expert technicians. As such, there are no additional damages that are likely to occur to the phone during repair.


Consider the Cause of Damage to the Screen

Several aspects may cause damage to your iPhone screen. For instance, if the screen breaks after you drop the phone or if you sit on it accidentally, you can have the screen replaced. However, if the screen problem is as a result of an underlying problem in your iPhone such as malfunctioning hardware, getting another phone may be a great choice for you. For instance, replacement parts for iPhone 5 are expensive and scarce. Hence any major problems on this iPhone are likely to dent your phone greatly.

The trickiest and riskiest option to use when seeking to fix the screen of your iPhone is repairing the phone by yourself. For starters, this voids your warranty and makes the phone vulnerable to additional damages. Therefore, unless you are confident …

5 Reliable Benefits of Portable Disc Players

Entertainment is sustainable to mood relaxation. You can drift to happiness after listening to your favorite musician. The modes of entertaining yourself are different, depending on your preference. Some might prefer listening to music, while others will think about boat surfing.

Music fans prefer portable disc players which help them listen to anything without restriction and interference. If you are in the flexible category, then carrying a portable disc player might be your breakthrough. See the benefits you will experience.

Limitless Location

portable disc player

Having a playlist, you cannot listen to anywhere is harsh. Staying in one location when listening to your type of music may be tricky sometimes. You need freer and enjoy the outside breeze to change your thoughts. A portable disc player gives you the advantage of moving around listening to your music. It is helpful when you have company in the house, and you do not want to interfere with their business. Carry your disc player with several compact disks that you need when you are out in the area.

It Saves Power

Listening to your new jam from the home theater turns boring when the power cuts you off. You can say all the shitty words but cannot return the electricity. Using a portable player, on the other hand, is delightful. You can listen to different singles and mix for several hours until you feel like relaxing. You do not need to plug in the source of power when you switch on the device. It operates with the inbuilt battery when you are far from electricity. The saving power ability allows you to listen to anything even when electricity is cut off from your home.

You Can Connect External Speakers

Here you have all the freedom of voice. You can plug in your earpiece when you are alone or connect to external speakers when you are in a group. Outdoor events are excellent when you carry your disk player. Do not listen to the wind and birds when you can improve your entertainment with a disc player. Carry it along for a fun moment. Involve your friends in the playlist after connecting an external speaker with excellent sound quality. Get in the mood quick and enjoy the rest of the day listening to a great choice of music.

Easy Controls

You do not need a manual to operate portable disc players. All you need is your fingers and eyes. The buttons are of average size, and the indications are straightforward. Inserting a disk is the simplest thing you know. Grab your disc player from the store today and operate it without the help of an instructor. It does not have a security key, so failing to remember the password is never in your mind.

It Is Unnoticeable

You can spot anyone listening to music from the phone, but you cannot identify portable disc players. The shapes are different, and you can put it anywhere. Other people will not know the device unless they move close to your …