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Resources That Can Help You Run Android on Your PC

There are several android apps that you like having installed on your smartphone or tablet but do you know that these apps can run on your PC too? You can use several free resources to enable your PC to allow for the installation of android apps.

There are some fun android apps like games you would like to play on a bigger screen, but your phone’s screen size limits you. Now that is a possibility with free downloadable resources that allows you to run android applications on your computer. If you want to know how to run Android apps on PC, this article is for you.

Here are the top resources you can use to help your run android apps on your PC:


appsThis is one of the best free resources out there you can use to run your favorite android apps on your computer. Once you install BlueStacks, your emulator will not look like android, but it is one of the best systems you can run your android apps on. It contains several exquisite features that enable your android apps and games to run on your computer smoothly.

Before installing this system, you need to first go to your PC’s BIOS and enable Intel VT-x or AMD-v if any of these are supported by your PC if you aim for better performance. You can then download and install the BlueStacks system, which will approximately consume 2GB of your computer’s space. You can use this system to access the PlayStore and download any android application you need.


appsThis android emulator works like an android OS on your computer once installed. Genymotion was mainly created for developers, but you can also download it for personal use. There is a premium version with enhanced features, which you have to pay for, but there is also a free version that you can use. You need to sign up first on the Genymotion website so that you can be able to use the free version.

For Genymotion to successfully emulate android on your PC, you will first have to download and install VirtualBox. Once you install VirtualBox, ensure you select the personal use option on the install wizard. The good thing about Genymotion is that it supports several android versions starting from 4.4 to 10.0.


If you want your PC to contain all the full features of android, then the Android-x86 is the best emulator you can use. This is an open-source resource that enables you to run android on your computer just like you can do it on either your phone or tablet.

With the android-x86, you can run android on your PC as an operating system itself. You first download the Android-x86 OS as an ISO disc image, burn it to a USB drive and use the file to boot your computer. You can install the OS on your hard drive if you are looking to use it permanently.…

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A Guide to Having Android Apps Running on Your PC

You probably think that in order to run Android apps, you are going to need a tab or a smartphone. However, Android is a developer-friendly operating system (OS).  You can tweak around a new app you’ve just created and see how it goes when it is live or you may just want to play your favorite smartphone games on a bigger screen. Whatever reasons you might have, knowing this trick will improve your experience in using the OS. So, stick with us!

Get an Emulator

emulator for androidInstalling an emulator might be an easy task, but setting it up so that it matches your hardware can get a bit complicated. And we are talking about Android Studio, here. Google officially released it to accommodate app developers to test out their pre-live works. Besides, installing APK needs to be done manually by copying the downloaded files to the target directory. It is too complicated to use if you just want to play a game or run a social media app on your PC.

Second, Bluestack App Player is your best choice if you want to run Android apps on your PC without modifying them. However, it has some limitation on creating the “Layer Cake” between the Android OS and your Windows. Consequently, you might experience occasional crashes. Besides, it is still not compatible with some games that utilize the tilting detection feature of smartphones.

Install an Android OS

android osIf you use Android apps for the long term and you direly need it to be smooth and fluid, then you need a PC OS/port that can integrate with the Android system. Basically, it will make your computer one giant smartphone. And your best choices for this purpose are the Android-x86 Project and Remix OS.

The minimum specs to run those OS are 2GB RAM and 2GHz dual-core processor. You can still run these ports on top Windows, but lagging and stuttering apps will happen sometime. Your best setting will be to install them on a partition disk. However, note that apps that use tilting detection feature or tapping might not run properly even with and Android PC port installed. You might need extra hardware for that purpose.


The most important step to make before deciding which method suits you best is to determine how you are going to use the Android compatibility mode. Allocating a partition entirely for Android use might be too much for some users, especially if the whole efforts are for playing one or two games. However, if you get the Layer Cake port, then some problems might still occur. Therefore, think carefully about what you want, or you can just go directly trying each of the options above.…