Tips on Taking Care of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Caring for your air conditioning unit has so many benefits including saving on energy consumption. Air conditioner maintenance can be expensive but it saves a lot in the long run. Without the necessary care, your air conditioner will only last you a few years. The brisbane installers will help you with servicing and installation of your air conditioning units. Here are some tips on taking care of your air conditioner.

Check Your Coil Regularly

ac repair Ask your technician to show you where to find the drainage pipe. Check your air conditioner’s drainpipe and clear any blockages of the algae/mold that sometimes builds up there. A wet-dry vacuum can suction out any plugged-up areas, and bleach can help clean it too.

A clogged drain line is one of the most common breakdowns and can be fixed during the spring and summer. It is not easily noticeable unless you see water coming pouring through the ceiling unless a protective float switch or “ceiling saver” is installed which switches off the air conditioning to prevent damaging leaks.

Replace the Filters Regularly

To keep your air conditioner working properly, you need to clean and replace the filters regularly. The frequency with which you will need to replace your filters will vary depending on the specific air conditioner. The general requirement is to replace the filters at least once every few months. Replacing the filters will keep the air quality in your space as high as possible.

Clogged and dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency. Replacing the dirty filters can your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5%. Some filters are reusable hence need to be cleaned while others have to be replaced. You may need to check your air conditioner more than regularly if it is subjected to dusty conditions or you have fur-bearing pets in your house.

Hire a Professional

Air conditioning units require the services of a professional once in a while especially if you need more than regular maintenance. It might be challenging to try and fix everything by yourself. A well-trained and equipped technician will find and fix problems in your air conditioning system.

A licensed professional should conduct twice a year to conduct preventative measures. Spring is the right time to service air conditioning equipment and in the fall we service heating equipment. A technician will flush the coils, check the drain pan, vacuum the blower compartments, look at the voltage, check the refrigerant levels, etc.

ac servicing

Inspect and Create Clearance

You should visually inspect and create clearance around your outdoor unit. Remove the build-up of leaves and overgrown vegetation to avoid interfering with the airflow of your outdoor air conditioning unit.

Trim all bushes and trees to give your unit enough clearance at least two feet on all sides. Be on the lookout for trees that shed a lot of pollen such as cottonwood trees, they can clog up the condensing units.

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