How to Run Live Football TV Streaming App on PC

If you have arrived at this article, then you’re more likely trying to find out ways to watch your football matches on your PC. Well, not to worry, my friend, because with live football TV streaming PC, now you can! Because of the new update, android phones can now support apps to run on Pcs that are using Windows software. That means you don’t have to watch your football matches from your tiny smartphone screen anymore because you can watch them on your big computer screen! 

The Basic Requirements to Run Android Apps on a PC


Before you can watch football on a PC screen, there’s a checklist of things that you need to complete first:

  • A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Windows 10 Update
  • Android 9.0 or Greater Version on Your Phone
  • Utilizing the Same Wi-Fi Network

For the time being, the update supports Samsung Galaxy phones and requires Windows 10 on your PC to make it work. You can check for updates on your PC to make sure that your PC’s Windows software is updated, or you could download it for free from the internet. Your Samsung Galaxy phone also has to be using Android version 9.0 or greater, and it’s connected using the same Wi-Fi network as your PC is using; otherwise, it wouldn’t work.

How to Run Android Apps on a PC

After you finished all of the pre-requisite requirements, make sure that you link up your Samsung Galaxy phone with your PC and check if they are already connected. You will be notified through a pop-up window on your PC that shows your phone name and all the stored applications inside your Samsung Galaxy phone like Instagram, Whatsapp, Bluestacks, etc. You would notice that on your desktop:

  • The apps are listed from the left to the right
  • There are app shortcuts that you can utilize to get to your apps faster
  • Clicking on the apps from the list will redirect you to a separate pop-up window 
  • Not every app is supported, so not every app is compatible on your PC
  • You can click, hold, and drag apps to rearrange the app list on your phone window

Once you are there, double click on the online football streaming app that you like to run it on your PC. You need to log in using your Google account and log in to your user ID on the online football streaming app to enjoy your football matches. You can check out more ways to enjoy streaming football matches online on the internet, and we hope that this has truly been helpful!

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