All You Need to Know About Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence is essential for the military and other government agencies. These agencies need to make sure that they are sending their information through a secure line. When sending classified information, it is always advisable to take extra caution so that the information does not fall into the wrong hands.

The process of implementing signal intelligence is an essential part of making sure the process is successful. Signal intelligence involves a lot of technical aspects & installing the necessary software is the first step. Here is all you need to know about signal intelligence:

Signal intelligence is divided into two major parts. We have communication intelligence and electronic intelligence that work together for better signal intelligence.

Communication intelligence

intelligenceCommunication intelligence COMINT is intelligence that is covered through the communication of individuals. Electronic intelligence ELINT, on the other hand, is gathered through electronic sensors.

Communication intelligence is meant to gather information about individuals and is all about details involved in the communication process. here some aspects that are covered in the communication intelligence:

  • Details about the communication parties and their names if possible.
  • Location of the people communicating
  • Time and duration of the parties communicating
  • Frequencies, encryption and technical aspects of the communication

Communication intelligence is what is commonly referred to as intel. It is used to help in assisting investigations conducted by government agencies and sometimes private agencies. There is legal information surrounding the use of intelligence and it is important to know how the intelligence works.

Before implementing communication intelligence, make sure that you are not breaking any law in the process. Communication intelligence is used by agencies like NASA, the military and also the government intelligence.

Electronic intelligence

Electronic intelligence gathers information from electronic sensors. You get information from sensors and other electronic devices like satellites. The information gathered can help you to determine the capabilities of a target or the location of a radar.

signal intelligence

Electronic intelligence is a little complex than Communication intelligence. Since it does not involve communication between individuals, it relies on the interpretation of communication between sensors. Intelligence analysts are able to interpret the sensors and get the right kind of information.

Using the right software, it is possible to interpret the sensors and get the right information. For proper intelligence services, it is advisable to get a company that has a proper understanding of signal intelligence.

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